By Lauren Moodley

"Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

As a Mum of three, there are not many times that I am just still. In the busyness of normal day to day activates and the endless demands of children, housework, family, ministry and so much more, it’s hard to just be still. So, when we were suddenly forced to halt, I felt a little lost. All our routines and plans that we were comfortable with had stopped or changed, just as we were starting to get into the rhythm of the new year. Did this make me feel a little anxious and overwhelmed? Yes, of course.

Not only were we asked to stop sending our children to school and learn online from home, the news was scary, there was no groceries at the shops and everyone was panicking and scared. I was anxious I didn’t have enough food to feed my family, about the unknown, about keeping my family safe and healthy and confused about what I should or shouldn’t do.

So, what is God’s purpose in this?

What does He want us to learn through this time?

We are currently on our seventh week of isolation; we have had five weeks of home learning and two weeks of school holidays. There is no question that it has had its challenges, the main one being missing our extended families, particularly during holidays and birthdays, but there are many things that have made me grateful for this time.

My family is home. This has allowed more genuine family time. We have been able to bake together, do craft activities, go on walks and bike rides and even get a little bored. This time has also made me grateful to live in Australia with a Christian Leader. I’ve had more time to cook, to clean, to declutter, to breathe, to stop, to pray, to read my Bible, to be still.

Being still has allowed me to notice the Lord’s hand of guidance and protection in the little things.

Obviously, we were not going to know the events of the year, that playgrounds and parks (and everything else) would be closed. We purchased a playground and bikes for the girls for Christmas which has allowed them to still go outside and play. They have spent countless hours outside on these. We had also just purchased a laptop so I could help my husband with some work. The laptop has now been used more by the girls then by me and has made online learning so much easier. These are just some of the many ways He has provided for us.

This time has already changed us. It has caused us to rearrange our priorities. Initially, I was so concerned about my two eldest children missing out on important schoolwork and keeping the ‘normal’ routine of school. I’ve come to realise that although school and learning is important, it’s not my priority. I am their mother, not their schoolteacher. They will catch up on learning, but we may never get this ‘pause’ ever again. This is all just for a season.

We are still not through this, we don’t know what is going to happen or when it is going to end, but one thing this virus has reminded me of is that there is peace in knowing when the world is shaking, we stand on solid ground and God is in control of it all.

Moodley family