by Danyael Añonuevo

Hello my name is Danyael and if you know me, you know how much I enjoy working out and going to the gym. Especially when it’s with the boys. I used to compete in powerlifting competitions and take working out pretty seriously, so you could say I know a thing or two about flexing. However, this isn’t possible currently and I have been missing flexing with the boys quite a lot. There is one thing though that hasn’t changed and that is our mission to serve and reach lost souls for God.

So, in a way during this lockdown time, it has been a time where we can “flex” for God.

There are many ways our routine has been compromised, turned upside down or even totally changed. Because of that, flexing for God looks a lot different now. As everyone’s lives have been somewhat affected by this pandemic, it has required us to somewhat look for a ‘not-so-normal’ normal life. Normal life now is totally different to what it was before. I started running every day (kinda forced to by mum), eating out a lot less, actually doing some gardening work and even now getting my university assignments done sort of on time. Mainly though during this time, people have been so much more open to hearing God’s word and this is the perfect time to be flexing for God. These are some ways that normal life has allowed us to flex God.

There have been plenty of different channels that have now opened that are being used for the furthering of God’s word. I was never one to post on facebook or even upload stories on Instagram but during a time where it is harder to see people face to face, they have shown to be such useful tools that helped me flex for God. Even now we can go back to a sermon that has touched us and challenged us, and now we can share that to our friends online and leave it there for everyone to access it now. Being able to utilise my social media accounts to re-post and share posts about the sermons and verses is such an easy and effective way for everyone now to be exposed to God’s word. I am so thankful that God’s word and his love can be shown to everyone no matter what type of means we are using whether it be through a call or even now just posting a gospel tract on your Facebook page. With technology these days at our disposal flexing has never been so easy and available. Thankful for our stream team and the work they put in to make sure the stream is running every service we have. There is much work that goes behind the streams that we do not see and they get it done every service.

Now as you can see there are many ways we can flex for God. No better time than now to start doing that and showing off God in our lives through the use of social media. As we continue to be in isolation and social distancing, it has been a time where I have been able to strengthen and deepen my walk with God. He has taught me many things through this time that has outlined many things in my life that sometimes I flex more rather than for God. While there is no gym lets continue to work out on our spiritual strength and keep flexing for God.