By Soren Sundararaj


This decade was set in motion with high hopes and great expectations for most people, ministries, and organisations. Resolutions were made, calendars were filled, and goals were set. Mine, too. The new year dawned, and in what feels like a fleeting moment, we have already completed a quarter of it. Today, the state of the world is not one that anybody could have allowed their wildest imagination to fabricate. Even now, it is one that is challenging to comprehend. The world is at a stand-still. People are fearful. Countries are fretting. Economies are tanking, and everyday, the news seems to be able to startle the public more than it did the day before. Everyday, there are more questions than there seem to be answers.

While there are lessons that the world is learning, perhaps none are more apparent than the evidence that nobody, except God himself, is in control. No president, no monarch, no philanthropist, no celebrity, nor their collective wealth can control the epidemic that has shaken the globe.

This grappling situation, however, has not changed who God is, nor has it changed a single one of his promises. To us as Christians, he still is our refuge, strength, and very present help in trouble. He still intends to keep his promise of never leaving or forsaking us. While we remind ourselves of that, there’s just one more factor to keep in mind: God’s call. That hasn’t changed either. It has been so encouraging to see churches around the world pray more and work harder to make sure that, despite the restrictions and circumstances, God is worshiped and his Word is preached.

This is what the past few weeks of ministry have been like here in Sri Lanka. The entire city was placed on a police-imposed curfew, and except for an eight hour break we got one day to purchase supplies and groceries, it has been that way for several weeks. The Police have arrested over 4000 people for being out of their homes, and so leaving has not been an option. That being said, so far, the Lord has miraculously given us the opportunity to record Worship Services and Bible Studies; and stream them online. That combined with our ability to connect, pray, and talk online via video-conferencing has made the fact that we are unable to meet a little easier. God has been working, even through these circumstances.

God has been working, even through these circumstances.

Our Mission Stations around the country are doing relatively well, despite their needs and the pandemonium that has come as a result of the Corona Virus. Please pray with us that the Lord would continue to effectively use each church plant in this country in the weeks ahead.

Much was planned in the ministry for the coming few weeks. Like you, we too are left with plans we cannot be sure of. Thankfully, we have a God that knows, and that truth is more than sufficient. Tonight, we continue our Prayer Revival Week with an All-Night Online Prayer Meeting. With Easter Services, our Missions Revival, and other events up in the air at the moment, I look forward to seeing how God orchestrates each one. Having recorded or streamed services, even for this coming Sunday, seems impossible in light of the strict curfew orders. Pray with us that the Lord will continue to make a way for us to do it well! Truly, every church in every corner of the globe is in need of that. Yes, the world is fearful and anxious, but it is such a comfort to remember that God has not changed, and neither have his promises. I am praying that the Lord uses this prevailing situation to revive Christians and save those that are in desperate need of Christ all over the world!  


Soren is our missionary to Sri Lanka and this post was adapted from his regular Missionary Letter. If you would like to find out more about Soren’s work, sign up here

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