By Fiona Fantom


I woke up this morn,

in quite a spot of bother.

What will this day bring,

what will it have to offer?

Will I be burdened yet again,

with the news of the day?

Will I believe it all and live in fear,

or will I trust in faith and pray?


Will I stay in my bed and hide,

and hope that this day quickly ends?

Or will I spend my time serving others,

and continue a dying trend?

Will I laze around in my PJ’s ,

and follow the fashion norm?

Or will I get myself dressed and exercise,

looking after my Well being and form?


Will I be part of the social binges,

spending hours watching Stan and Netflix?

Or will I do something rare without techno,

and just talk with my hubby and kids?

Will I keep taking for granted all that I have,

and lash out because I’m so stressed?

Or will I work and treasure my relationships,

with those love ones whom I’ve been blessed?


Will I go to my hidden stash of chocolate,

and find solace in every piece?

Or will I go to the one who can comfort,

and make all this horrid noise cease?

Will I suffer in silence if I’m struggling,

and not get the help that I need?

Or will I see that I’m not alone in this,

and call out to my God to be freed?


Will I see no end to this isolation,

and over the things that I cannot do?

Or will I take this opportunity to be creative,

using wisely my time to get through?

Will I whine and complain about my lot,

and grumble over every little thing?

Or will I be thankful for this brand new day,

and see the blessings that it brings?


Will I cut myself off completely,

‘coz I can’t see anyone or give a hug?

Or will I pick up the phone and face time,

or zoom someone I care and love?

Will my neighbor’s feel alone and struggling,

‘coz I’m too selfish to care and reach out?

Or will I offer help and encourage them,

in the peace my God can bring about?


Will I keep going about my business,

without a world of care?

Or will I plan my day responsibly,

keeping my distance and not to share?

Will I fight for that last pack of toilet rolls,

and hoarding stuff that I don’t really need?

Or will I just use my common sense,

‘coz it’s not the 5000 I’m needing to feed.


Will I dread working from home,

battling with the kids and the internet?

Or will I choose to be grateful I have a job,

and happily do the tasks my boss has set?

Will I continue having those tantrums,

when things just don’t go to plan?

Or will I learn to be flexible accepting God’s will,

honouring my God and my fellow man?


Will I be all moody and have a bad spirit,

‘coz I have no control and life is so tough?

Or will I see the best in everything,

giving hope to others when their life gets rough?

Will I see that being so busy,

can be a distraction and cause me strife?

Or Will I take the time to be still and know God,

and share His testimony of my life?


Will I keep dwelling on the year where having,

droughts, fires and the pandemic of COVID 19?

Or will I see that God can be trusted in all,

and still be joyful throughout this adversity?

Will I fight against the new norm and these changes,

doing things my way and going it alone?

Or will I do God’s very best with this day,

and find His blessings of being at home?


© Fiona Fantom