By Ryan Villena


(This is a ficitonal scenario created by the contributor for those seeking an adventure.)

Running the Adventure

This is an interactive roleplay game in which you, represented by a character, inhabit a narrative. Your character solves problems in line with the scenario and objectives provided in the narrative. Your character advances through the narrative when you react in response to different scenarios. One adventurer would most likely group with adventurers much like yourself, creating a group of adventurers.


The major cities (Gula, Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Avaritia, Invidia and Acedi) are trapped in a cycle of constant war with each other due to a plague. The cities are being destroyed because of the plague that people think will plunge the world into its end. Crime is going up because of the new belief that the end of the world will mean that they won’t suffer penalties for their crimes. The rising problem is that citizens of Haven are leaving as they are losing touch with their king. The helplessness of the outside world is bleeding into them and changing their lives, as well as the plague destroying their ability to also communicate with each other.

All these cities are getting destroyed, except Haven.

The King of Haven is known for being a great and powerful leader, able to destroy any of these major cities at his will. But, he desires those outside his city to join him because they know that Haven is where they want to go. Those who go and tell others about the King show him as a loving but stern ruler who loves everyone in and out of his city, someone who wants people to trust him so that they will live happy lives. The king of Haven has only one decision for those who want to enter his city, if they believe that his son died and was reborn to save the world from this plague. The players, as permanent residents, of course, believe this.

Adventure Hook

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." 2 Corinthians 5:20

The adventurers receive a summons from the King of Haven. They are commissioned to resolve the recent issue of the lacking communication between Haven. This is stopping news, orders and later decrees from being announced to the public and its surrounding cities.

The King needs to communicate with his people and bring others into his safe kingdom. 

“Please prevent what’s happening in the cities from happening here, the destruction and pain. Others need to rally here so they don’t suffer in the way that others have.”

“Everyone thinks that all is lost but that’s not true. I can save the world and people must know it.”

"It’s clear that the king is passionate about everyone’s safety."

“But it’s not only those who are lost that must be saved, but those like you should also be kept loyal to me and our cause and it’s an important time to be held accountable to the promise the residents of this city made.”

What happens next is up to you.