By Fiona Fantom

Upon the dawn of a new day,

the Spring declares God’s glory.

His creation of new life,

and the beginning of your story.

For your journey will cross the paths,

of the summer heat and storms.

For this will be for a season,

and the promised change is assured.


The Autumn shares the transformation,

upon the leaves and the morning dew.

For the Lord has everything in order,

and each season has His best for you.

The Winter sheds the purest of snow,

each flake so detailed and unique.

For God knows your innermost being,

and will show you the paths to seek.


For the season’s of your life are purposed,

with each day His plan unfolds.

Bringing forth the beauty of the season,

and where God’s loving grace upholds.

All He asks is you keep your eyes upon Him,

not being ignorant or wasteful in each one.

Be watchful preparing for the season coming,

and sharing the gospel of the Son.


May he find you faithful and always willing,

to adjust to the season here and now.

Knowing that each season will have it’s challenges,

believing that God is in control of the how.

For the seasons’ of your life are for His glory,

there will be times of growth and rest.

Where you will find God’s faithfulness in each,

and the seasons’ of your life will be blessed.