Our Goal

100x Elderly/Adult Packs
Each containing items such as an introduction letter from our church, a Gospel tract, toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitiser wipes
150x Childrens' Packs
Each including items such as a Gospel tract, a spiral-bound notebook, pencils, crayons, Stamp markers, and stickers

How you can help

To reach our goal, we need to raise $3000 in the next 2 weeks.
If 120 people give just $25, we will have met our target.
If God desires you to give more, please feel free to do so. 



Select the "set up a pledge" button above

Set your amount to either be a one time donation or recurring

Complete the remaining details

REMEMBER: please select "I'd like to setup my pledge for auto payment" otherwise you will need to make a separate payment afterwards.



Direct Deposit into our bank account

Make sure you write a memo that indicates you would like for this to go towards the packs



Simply text the word "GIVE" to 0427 784 261

or if your text to give is already set up, just text through the amount.


Let's share the love of Jesus Christ!