Southland Kids is a wonderful ministry for children to have some fun learning about the love of God and living the Christian life.

Children have the ability to learn and apply so much about the Bible just like their parents.

Southland Kids runs the preschool to Year 6 Sunday School classes at 9am every Sunday and also meet every Wednesday night at 7pm. It's a time of fun, games and most importantly a time to discover Bible stories and their practical applications.



Please note that at this time, activities are not running as normal. Follow our social media, or subscribe to our calendar to find out what's happening at Southland Kids.

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Southland Kids Programs

Southland Kids have a variety of activities and events throughout the year for your child.
The best way to know of any new upcoming events is by following any of our social media platforms as linked above. We are constantly updating these, showing you highlights from events past and letting you know about what's up and coming.

Sunday School

WHEN: Sundays at 9am
(Excludes a month long summer break)

Our Sunday School hour is split into different age groups to ensure everyone from preschool to adults can be taught in a clear and understandable way. 

Southland Kids has four classes:

  • Preschool
  • Kindy - Year 2
  • Year 3 - 4
  • Year 5- 6

Each class has a dedicated and patient team of teachers and helpers to engage the children, sing songs, give Bible stories and lessons. 

Kids Church

WHEN: Last Sunday of every month at 10:30am

The final Sunday of each month is always a great time of fellowship and joy. Children have a special kids service of their own while the parents are in the main service. 
Lunch is also normally provided on these days too as a chance for everyone to get to know one another and enjoy the day. The best thing is you don't need to bring anything but yourself!

Wednesday Kids

WHEN: Wednesday Nights 7pm-8pm

We know it's a school night but come along if you can to the mid-week service. There's a Bible study and prayer time for the adults and the kids have their own program that includes their own Bible lesson time, games and songs.

We aim for church to finish right at 8pm, so kids and adults alike can have plenty of rest for the end of the week.

Holiday Bible Club

WHEN: Spring School Holidays

During one of the weeks in the Spring Holiday, we run a four day Kids Bible Club. Each day, you can drop off the kids with the program running from 9am - 12 noon.

There's a lot we pack into those three hours daily: memory verses, games, songs, snacks, lessons, activities, crafts and a skit for the kids to enjoy!

This is an annual event and the children are encouraged to invite their friends. They have a great time memorising verses to earn "bucks" to spend at the store; they learn great lessons through songs, a live skit the workers perform and Bible messages. To end the week, we have an awards service where parents are invited to come and see what they have been working on throughout the week. 

This is completely free however we do require registrations for this event so we can properly prepare for the right number of children. More information about Holiday Bible Club will be available closer to October and can be found on our events page and released on our social media platforms, so be sure to be following!

Meet the Team!

Mrs Rekka
Year 5-6 Sunday School
Miss Vida

Year 5-6 Sunday School

Mr Darren
Southland Kids Director
Miss Rachel
Year 3-4 Sunday School
Miss Gretchen
Year 3-4 Sunday School
Miss Jan
Year K-2 Sunday School
Mr Mikey
Year K-2 Sunday School
Miss Sarah
Year K-2 Sunday School
Miss Hannah
Year K-2 Sunday School
Miss Zara
Preschool Sunday School
Mr Mac
Preschool Sunday School
Miss Kaaiza

Preschool Sunday School

Miss Kiara
Preschool Sunday School
Miss Jules
Preschool Sunday School