Welcome to the Outreach Ministry

We believe that each soul is precious to God but many are yet to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we have been gifted an opportunity to share God’s love to our circles of influence and through our community. The power and working of God become evident as we lead souls to a relationship with Jesus Christ and a Bible believing Church.   The Outreach Ministry endeavours to facilitate opportunities for our church to fulfil the Great Commission. 

Get Involved

Here are some areas you can be a part of:

  •  Weekly Door Knocking and Saturation
  • Teaching SRE in Public Schools
  • Special Outreach Days 
  • Outreach Zoom Training Meetings

If you would like to take part in the Outreach ministry and allow God to expand vision for souls.
Please contact our Outreach Pastor: Eaj Agatep by clicking the button below!

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The outreach ministry endeavours to meet every Saturday from 9:30-11:00am.

 1. Pray - 9:30AM

We will meet at a local park or main street and pray together before we head out to saturate. We will be praying specifically for the location that we are canvassing that day: That souls would hear and respond to the Gospel and that we would have   

2. Plan 9:50 AM

After our prayer meeting, we will have the opportunity to saturate Gospel Tracts throughout that suburb. Some may choose to converse with people at parks or basketball courts. Whatever the location, we are trying to get the Word out about Jesus Christ and joining our online services.

-       Gives us the opportunity to minister to those that we are praying to move to.

-       Gives those that are in the Northwest the ability to join our services and get to know us.   

3. Propagate 10:00 AM

The objective for the saturation time is to invite those in the Northwest to join us both physically or on our live stream services.   

4. Play 11:00PM onwards

Since physical interaction is limited at church, we can use this time to have family activities and fun together as a Church.