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ROSES generally come together to fellowship three to four times in a year. Some events in the past have included High Tea, apple picking, popcorn movie nights, crafts, floristry, lots of games, fun and devotions.

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Meet your ROSES team Wimmy, Azariah, Marina, Terna and Hannah (foreground). These ladies are the heartbeat of the ROSES ministry. They are the think tanks behind the social events, coordinate behind the scenes, and most importantly connect with and pray for our ladies.


ROSES have 5 main aspects to the ministry:

1.     Social events
2.     Raising Arrows *new
3.     Hearts and Hands
4.     Missions Care
5.     Discipleship


Azariah Hullana is the ROSES director and oversees all aspects of the ROSES ministries. Other coordinators who assist in coordinating and leading each ministry are:

Raising Arrows – Amabel Moodley and Doris Agatep
Hearts and Hands – Terna Hullana and Alice Quetula
Missions Care – Cristy Preyra (Missions Connect) and Evita Resus (Fundraising)
Discipleship – Azariah Hullana and Hannah Agatep

Hearts and Hands have helped those in the Southland family in need in several practical ways. Historically, making meals, cleaning or laundry for those who are under stress to perform daily tasks are some ways ladies in this ministry have helped. Sometimes, it may also involve taking time to be with or stay with a person in need.

Alice Quetula and Terna Hullana administrate the WhatsApp chat and usually coordinate the roster for food, cleaning etc. for families in need. Each time a need arises each lady signed up to this ministry is not obligated to volunteer for EVERY roster or EVERY need but can volunteer when they are able or willing.

Missions Connect is an opportunity to personally get to know missionaries we support as a church. Its aim is to encourage, pray for and show authentic care and support to the missionary. This may come in the form of remembering missionaries on their birthdays, send an encouraging note, message, email or text, and of course, praying for them. These are some examples but as you get to know your missionary more and more it is our prayer that we each develop the sensitivity to know how we can be an encouragement and blessing.

The Missions Fundraiser is primarily raised through some amazing cooks who have been generous with their time, talent and treasure. If this is you please get in touch with Evita Resus who coordinates these fundraisers!

Discipleship involves a number of things depending on whether you sign up to mentor or be mentored. If you are signing up to be a mentor, there is an annual discipleship training at the start of every year. There are a number of recommended curriculums you can use as a mentor but the primary one is ‘Continue’ and is available for purchase for $25 from the church bookstore.

As a mentee, you will be assigned and contacted by a mentor at the beginning of the year. Discipleship lessons with your mentor are flexible but you must also understand that Discipleship is a commitment. If the curriculum selected is ‘Continue’ there are 14 lessons in total but is up to you and your mentor on how you pace your lessons together. 

It is our desire to provide our mums with regular opportunities to fellowship both with kids and without; however, we do not require you to commit to attending all events when you sign up for Raising Arrows. All we ask is that you RSVP to the events as you are able to attend, no pressure! Occasionally, we may require you to contribute to the event in some way either by a plate of food to share or a small monetary contribution. We will always ensure to provide sufficient notice for these events.