Our response to COVID-19

As a church family, we need to be reminded of the Bible’s admonition:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Our initial response needs to be to put our trust in the Lord and remain sound in judgment.

For tomorrow, we will hold our normal Morning Service at 10:30AM however, we have made the tough decision to cancel our Sunday School hour and Evening Service.

Services won’t be cancelled. Future church services will be going digital only, meaning we will be bringing church live in your home rather than on our church property. We have made this decision based on the high probability that we will come into contact with COVID-19. Considering that we have many families with children, elderly and individuals who are at high risk, we believe this is the best course of action for this season.

We are closely monitoring the situation through our Health Authorities. After some deliberation and seeking God’s guidance on this matter, we take an official stance of precaution rather than waiting until further spread of the virus. We also aim to do our part in limiting infection in our wider community. As COVID-19 is a new virus and there is no global community resistance, we are actively taking reasonable safeguards.

We want to encourage you to take great care. If you are feeling sick or have any flu like symptoms, please stay home and report your symptoms to a doctor. If you have recently travelled, please selfisolate for the 14-day period as recommended by Health Authorities. If you are elderly, pregnant or have a newborn please exercise a greater measure of caution.

We want to encourage you to livestream through Facebook or via our website and be “part” of the service that way. Starting from next Sunday, we will be livestreaming our morning, evening and Wednesday services and forgoing our Sunday School hour. These links will be made available to you via email, our website and social media platforms.

Please be faithful to be part of these services as we meet in a digital format. Treat it as if you would normally come to church, but instead the preaching coming to you.

It is indeed with a heavy heart that we have had to make this decision as we love our time together in God’s Word, praising and lifting the name of Christ. Please send through prayer requests or requests for practical help. We are still very much wanting to be of service to you and your family.

Please continue to support our local church through faithful giving. Our church ministry, staff and missionaries still need to be supported.

Below are means in which we can all continue to give even while staying home.

Last of all, we affirm our love toward you. It is through love that motivates the measures we take. Let us each strive towards understanding and playing our role to care for each other as a church family and endeavour to thrive.

In Christ,

Pastor Hernan and Leadership Team

Our practices during COVID-19

Church Office and Staff

Church staff, both paid and volunteer, will still be in the office during regular office hours. Each staff member will be accessible on their emails and phone numbers listed below.

Staff are instructed to not come to work or services if they are feeling unwell. Should any staff member develop flu like symptoms, the staff member will be asked to stay home and get a doctor’s clearance prior to returning to work.

Staff have been advised to limit travel and refrain from unnecessary activities that involve large gatherings of people.

Staff have also been instructed on best hygiene practices during their time at work.


Church Members and Regular Attendees

Our church family is of greatest importance. We as a church family have a role to play to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

For this to happen, each member and regular attendee are asked to practice best hygiene standards. Hand sanitizers are encouraged and will be supplied on the church property.

As COVID-19 is transmissible through contact, handshaking will be replaced by a friendly wave.

It is very important that you are honest with your travel activities. If you have recently travelled, it may be prudent to follow the 14-day isolation period as prescribed by Health Authorities. Please contact the church office should you feel unwell, or have contracted the virus so we may support you during this time through prayer and practical means as possible.

It is also imperative that you are aware of any contact you may have had with others who have been exposed to COVID-19. If you suspect or have been confirmed, it may be prudent to follow the 14 day isolation period as prescribed by Health Authorities.

In the event that a church member, regular attendee or guest has been identified as someone who is suspected of COVID-19, the church staff will notify everyone via a phone call, SMS text and email. At that point a plan will be set in motion regarding your responsibility to report to Health Authorities and how to be checked. Please ensure all your contact details are current by filling in the form below.

It is important that we practice being a church family during this time.

Please be faithful to “attend” by logging in and being part of our digital services at regular service times. Please also take time to pray for the services to still be used in our lives and take the opportunity to reach out to church family and check on each other from time to time.

We will be sending you information several times each week and update you of any changes regarding events that are coming up.

Please keep an eye out for these.

We love to be together and so this is a difficult decision. However, we will be praying that soon we will be able to gather once again on our property.


The Broader Community

Whilst we will do all we can to protect our church family, we will not go down the path of paranoia and enclose ourselves from the broader community.

Whilst our services have been cancelled on campus, our thoughts ought to stay on those seeking answers to life’s greatest questions. We recognise that this is an opportunity as a church to be a witness.

Therefore, please take the time to be faithful to the service times and share links to our church.

We emphasise our belief in winning the lost. As we go about our day to day living in our community, let us be compassionate to speak with those who are anxious of current events. Let us assure them of God’s desire to give hope, peace and comfort. The message of the Gospel is so pertinent and most needed today!


The way in which the local church and missions is supported is through consistent giving of our church family. Please continue to be faithful in this area as the ministry, staff and missionaries are subject to each of us playing our part.

Giving methods are below:

A. Direct Deposit

You can directly deposit into the church account or missions account. Refer to our email or contact us for direct debit details. 

B. Tithe.ly (Giving via text)

Tithe.ly is a text to give service we have recently adopted. To sign up please text GIVE to this number: 0427784261.

This is a secure service and gives you the option to easily give on the spot to a designated account via an SMS text.

C. Church Website

Head over to the GIVE page and select "give online now".



We have the ability to livestream each service. To join in, you may do the following:

A. Facebook

You will need a Facebook account, simply type “facebook.com” on your web browser or download the Facebook app onto your mobile phone and follow the instructions. Once you have an account, you will need to “like” our page. Simply search “Southland Baptist Church” and click the “like” button. You will then be notified via push alert whenever we are streaming.

B. Church Website

Head over to our LIVE page and enjoy the service via our website.



We will reflect on advice and prayerfully consider postponing any future events deemed high risk in spreading the virus. As of now, all events are undecided upon.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date with the church office by filling in the below form. You will be contacted about any changes via SMS text and email. Please also check our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram (@southlandbaptist)


Communication is such an important part of life. It is imperative during these circumstances to remain informed about any changes.

We will communicate any official decisions via SMS text or email. We cannot emphasise enough that we have updated contact details. Please also ensure you are following us on all our social media platforms and check in on our website. Please do not rely on information from others. Be diligent to check through all these avenues for any official communication. In the event that you need answers urgently, please call one of the below:


Pastoral Staff
Pastor Hernan: 0425 229 888
Pastor Eaj: 0410 252 328

Support Staff
Kaaiza Ana Mucio: 0478 659 907
Yohan DeSilva: 0435 037 363

Rob Artieda: 0401 882 089
Ramie Preyra: 0412 819 675
Jun Quetula: 0425 209 200

Need to update your contact details?
Please fill in the below