Dear Church Family,

It’s been about three weeks since we last met on our property and I believe the Lord certainly was leading us through in making the choices that have been made. I’m thankful that through it all God has seen it fit that we have still been able to minister through various ways. It’s been pleasing to see your involvement online via our livestream and also reports of your own initiatives to spread hope both practically and digitally. I’m reminded of this verse:

Php 1:12  But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel;

Paul was mindful to take every opportunity to give the Gospel out in whatever circumstance he faced. It’s been a blessing to hear, see and observe all that you have done to bring the good news to the world that is such a need.

I also wanted to update you on the following so that we might pray and be informed about some changes.

THOSE WHO ARE SICK: Let’s continue to pray for those who are unwell, particularly those who have been affected by COVID-19 directly. Please also be mindful of our elderly and others who are high risk and commit them to daily prayer.

A reminder that if you are showing any symptoms or have felt unwell, please call the NSW Health Department ASAP. You can call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 for general advice or healthdirect on 1800 022 222 if you have symptoms.


THOSE WHO ARE STRANDED: I wanted to encourage those who have recently come out of quarantine. Glad that they have all come out of it without the virus and well. Let’s continue to pray for one another, specially for those who are still stranded overseas. Pray that they will be encouraged and hopeful while they wait for our borders to open. Also include people whose jobs are at risk or have been let go. 


THOSE WHO ARE SERVING: Please include those who are also at the frontlines of this, medical personnel, transport, teachers, cleaning staff, our missionaries and other essential services. We have a great responsibility to uphold one another in prayer! The government also need our prayers to make wise choices. (1Ti 2:1-3)


THOSE WHO ARE ON STAFF: Our staff have been working hard to ensure we can all stay connected and ministered to during this time of isolation. The livestream has been well done, and I must confess I only play a small part. We have faithful men and ladies who have grown in their skill and knowledge to bring our services to life. A quick update also on our office times: in support of the government’s calls to limit travel and curb the spread of the virus, our staff have been working from home rather than adhering to normal office hours on property. Please note that we are still available on our mobiles and emails. We are only coming onto property during scheduled service times to limit our own exposure.

Our staff have been busy calling around and praying for each of our families. It has been a personal blessing to speak to many of you and hear about what God has been doing. We have had such a blessing continuing discipleship through video calls as well. Please keep on the look out for some more “get togethers” through video conferencing with each life stage and ministry groups in the next couple of weeks. Pray for us as we labour for the Lord in these interesting times.


THOSE THINGS WE NEED TO SUPPORT: Let’s continue to be faithful! (1Co 4:2) Thank you church for your support of the ministry thus far. Your attendance and sharing of our service times have been an encouragement. Please continue to give faithfully also. We have had a steady start in this. Let’s be mindful to stay committed as we support our staff and missionaries during this time. We have had a good start to the amount raised as well as for our outreach initiatives. So far, we have raised around $600. Please continue to donate as we endeavour to be a blessing and open doors for the Gospel. 

Let’s do our bit to spread hope in our community. We have put together a daily challenge (link here) to continue to give hope during this time. Let’s do our bit on social media to give a digital tract and spread some good news! In the next few days we will also roll out ways for your family to invite people to our online Resurrection Sunday Service. Let’s use it to draw people to hear the Gospel.

Watch out for other means to stay connected during this time as well.


THE ONE THAT IS SOVEREIGN: God still hasn’t changed! He is still on the throne! We can still trust Him! (1Ti 1:17)!

I am greatly missing you church. Let’s continue to do all to the glory of God. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay faithful!

In Christ, Pastor