To our Church Family,

It has been about 8 weeks since we have gone to digital only.
I know each of you are feeling like restrictions are now easing and hence getting back to church on property is a distinct possibility again. I believe this stems from a great sense of missing your family and I too share that sentiment. 

As you are well aware our Federal and State governments have adapted a three stage process for reopening.
We are currently in Stage 1 which means that only 10 are able to gather together in a place of worship, whilst stil adhering to social distancing measures.

I believe for the moment through prayer and counsel that we need to continue our digital only fellowship and worship. It is not possible for us due to the size of our congregation to regather at this point.
The plan will be to regather once we are at Stage 3 which means up to 100 people can gather for worship. At this point I don't have peace about what format that will take. I am praying through and consulting with our leadership group, other pastors and others to make the right decision on this.
Please pray with me so we can return with the right course of action when Stage 3 has been enacted.

During this time I want to encourage us about a few things.
Let's remain faithful.

Since we have had to go digital only we have seen a great deal of support and enthusiasm for this current platform of service. It's only natural for some of that early curiosity and excitement to abate but I want to remind you that since this is our mode of worshipping together for the moment, there is still a need to be faithful. Let's not allow familiarity to make us complacent. Let's tune in and be prepared for our scheduled times of gathering and also make the effort to be part of our fellowship groups via zoom and other means.

Let's remain thankful.

Thankfulness is the will of God. We may not like how slow things are going even if the data shows that COVID-19 is now easing. However, these are out of our control and we still have much to be thankful for. We have relatively gone unharmed during the height of COVID-19. We have seen people saved and our hearts have been moved through the preaching of God's Word. We have had opportunities to utilise technology to continue being connected. Let's be thankful for the season and have the right spirit to testify of God's work in us.

Lastly, let's remain hopeful.

 Hopefulness brings us through. We will get through this time and again may I add let's go through this better and with greater purpose for the time that God has given us.

I defintely miss you church and I plan to use the easing of restrictions to visit more and have you over (a family of five at a time) for a meal or two.
Our fellowship in Christ is one of our greatest joys in life. Let's encourage each other and take heart in knowing that God is still in control.

In Christ,