Matthew 28:18-20

All over the world, billions are drowning in the waters of sin and despair. We hear their cries and yet we remain in the comforts of life; the comfort of our half-empty lifeboats, the comfort of our church pews or lounge chairs, the comfort of our jobs, the comfort of our university degrees, etc. All the while 151,000 people die every day with the vast majority entering into eternity with torment and anguish. We must lift up our eyes to the field for they are white unto harvest. The biggest problem this world faces is not COVID-19, but it is a sin problem. The solution to this can be only found in Jesus Christ. The question is will the cries of the lost fall upon deaf ears or will we do something about it? In this sermon, Brother Keegan Moodley preaches for our Missions Emphasis Sunday a message entitled “Compelled To Go.”

Sermon starts at 33:46