Exodus 2:1-4

Few mothers have had an easy time of it. Motherhood and all that it entails is described by the Bible as “travail”. This means that by nature mothering is labouring with pain. From the beginning through the process of letting go. Whilst God sustains each mother through her difficulties, and joy comes in moments and in the growth of her children, it is still difficult. So, isn’t it strange that Moses’ mother (Jochebed, Exodus 6:20) in wanting to ensure her child’s survival, let him go? This seems counterintuitive. Our nature usually clings onto people or plans we want to protect. Yet, here in his infancy Moses was let go.

This gut-wrenching decision turned out to be the right one. At times the circumstances outweigh our ability to survive or navigate through them. Motherhood is tough enough but in a challenging environment, it’s only magnified. There are lessons here for us, as we consider this story of keeping in hand or letting go.

Sermon starts at 34:23