2 Chronicles 7:1-3

In the passage, we see an incredible image of what can happen at the end of a time of prayer; what a time of dedication can allow. As we face many unknowns, God’s desire is that He has the attention of our hearts and He gets to direct our lives. For us as a church, He wants us to focus on the main things; the things He wishes for us to stay focused on. The basis of these things ought to be God’s direction, not the counsel of men. Getting to this point of guidance will require the preparation of prayer.

We ought to evaluate the current state of our church. We ought to desire for our church to be a church set on fire for the Lord. It ought to be set aflame from within the hearts of each and every one of us. That will require prayer. The hope is, if we do it right, we will come to the place he desires us to get to.

In this sermon, Brother Niranjan Sundararaj preaches from 2 Chronicles 6-7 a message titled “Setting God’s House On Fire.”

Sermon starts at 35:10