Psalm 78:1-8, Joshua 5:10-12

We are currently in a time of change. Though some may not like change or resist change, the reality is that we are constantly in a time of transition. We face change in circumstances, in our physical bodies, in our relationships, etc. We live in a world that is changing. We are changing. The real question is, “Are we truly changing spiritually that we become more like Christ?”

Though things change, our God does not change. His love for us does not change. God is interested in you. He is interested in us becoming more like Him. God is constantly working in our lives to change us. When God brings us to a point of change; He will never leave us without providing for us.

In this sermon, we have guest preacher Pastor Mansour Youssef, from Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park, encourage us with 3 Points from Psalm 78; “An Encouragement During A Time Of Transition.”

Sermon starts at 18:16