Exodus 32:1-2

The question that has most probably crossed your mind as you have heard the news from Pastor Hernan is “What Do We Do Now?”  Though he will be with us for a season, there will come a time where he will no longer be our under-shepherd anymore. The question we ought to ask ourselves is “How dependant were we on Pastor Hernan for our spiritual growth?” Sunday services ought not to be a believer’s only exposure to the word of God. We should be people of the Bible. So what do we do now? We ought to consult God and His Word. We ought to remain steadfast in Him and continue therein.

In this sermon, we have guest preacher Pastor Gus Battistuzzi, from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Phillip Bay, preach a message from Exodus 32 titled “What Do We Do Now?”

Sermon starts at 17:57