Our Services
What to expect on a Sunday at Southland

Right now with the COVID-19 epidemic, we are not all physically meeting, instead, we have moved our services right into your living rooms. For the latest update on when we'll be back on property, click on the news banner above.

This means that we still have a variety of services throughout the week, with our Sunday services beginning at 10:30am and 6pm. The morning and evening services are different and not a repeat on the same day, so feel free to join us for both if you can!

What's an online service and how can I join in?

It's our service, online. Simple.
We firmly believe that the church is not the building, it can and will continue on during this time. Although we long for a time when we can once again fellowship and worship together in person, we are so thankful that we can stay connected through these difficult times through technology. 
We encourage you to gather with your household, participate as much as you can, and to give God the priority and be in the moment. You can join the service through any of the links below.

What happens during the service?

If you log in early, our services will normally begin with a prelude where you can write a message to send to everyone and say a quick "hi", if you like. We love seeing pics of people congregating in their homes to worship so please tag us with #SBCtogether.

Once the countdown starts, we're ready! We'll start with some singing, feel free to sing it out! We have the words on screen and people singing along with you.

Singing and worship is then followed with prayer, a welcome, and some announcements. One of the ways that we worship God is through our tithes and offerings. This is a time for those who call Southland their home to participate in this act of worship. 

At every service we’re going to open God’s Word. Southland is a Bible-preaching and Bible-teaching church. We don’t take a Bible”-ish” thought and talk story, but take a portion of Scripture and dissect it and apply it to our lives. This is the main portion of our service and you're more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions.


What about other services?

We also have mid-week Prayer and Bible Study service on Wednesday night starting at 7pm. This is an important time for our church family to come together, pray and study the Word of God. You'll have opportunity to send your prayer request live or you can send this to us prior to the service via our contact page.

Other services and online events are still happening so be sure to follow our social media pages for updates.